Ahoy from the GoldHound!


I've been a little slow to post pictures this year and I apologize. Im excited to announce our Star dive investor, "Midus Mike" Brown, as Captain Bounds and Crew have dubbed him due to all the Gold he has found diving with us....has sent me some nice pictures of the loot he has found while diving with us this season and I just had to share them with ya'll.


The gold coin pictured below was the first one of the season found early on by Jonah. As you can see , we found some unusual items diving the 1715 wreck such as a beautiful inkwell, a belt buckle, and a very pretty silver thimble. We have added many other items to our ever growing list this season that are not pictured such as silver keys, a silver hairpin, and various coins. We attribute all these finds to diving in an amazing area and we wish to continue to treasure hunt till all the 1715 Fleet treasures are found.


Now...back to the boat!








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