Treasure Found!!
Capt Greg holding an 8 escudo found
on the Cabin Wreck.
Capt Greg swimming on a spanish
ballast pile holding an olive jar neck.

Capt Greg on the phone with Mel
Fisher after finding two Gold Royal 8
Escudos in 1998.
Gold Hound treasure on display at
the Mel Fisher Museum.

Treasure salvaged from the Santa
Margarita wreck while captaining
the Blue Water Rose.

Vince Trotts sporting a pair of 8
escudos found by Captain Greg in 2001.

Cannon concreted over, found off an island in
the Caribbean.
Steve Borsey, Mel Fisher, Capt Greg out at
sea on Mel's last hunt.

Capt Greg holding ornate gold cufflinks found
on the Cabin Wreck site which is believed to
be the Almiranta of Ubilla's fleet. These
cufflinks were found in 2004.
Three 8 escudos and two 2 escudos along
with a shark tooth bar bit found by Capt Greg.

A 1713 and a1698 Royal 8 escudo found
in 1998 along with a 1714 Mexico 8 Escudo.
Capt Greg holding a 1713 and a 1698
Royal 8 escudo. Found on which is
believed to be the Capitana of Ubilla which
sank in 1715.

Captain Greg and Chas Francoviglia of
Gold Hound getting ready to hunt for "Treasure".
Tony Gil and Capt. Greg give the thumbs
up on another day of treasure diving.

A Lifetime Experience!